IR or InfraRed lights

Posted by Robert Pecht / President of Sniper Hog Lights on 16th Sep 2020

IR or Infrared lights are now extremely popular for hunting with Night Vision. All our lights can be purchased with IR 940nm and/or IR 850nm. The 940nm and 850nm is the wavelength of the light, the higher the wavelength the less red glow you will get emitting from the LED when ran at the same power. You will only see the red glow of the LED when looking directly at the LED when the light is on, you will not see the output down range unless of course your using a night vision device. In all our lights, the Red Glow from the 940nm is much less then the 850nm. In fact, the red glow from the 940nm when the light is at full power is about the exact same as the red glow of the 850nm when it's ran at the lowest power that is about 10% of full power. Of course the 940nm will not shine as far as the 850nm when both are ran at full power but the 940nm will shine a lot further then the 850nm when the red glow of the LED is the same. Many hunters choose our IR lights over other brands because our lights shine much further, Our IR 940nm shines as far or further then our competitors 850nm IR lights of equal size and you will not find a further shining IR LED light then our Coyote Cannon, the next closest light is our 66LRX light.  How do we know our lights shine much further then our competitors?  We are the only company that we know of selling IR hunting lights that actually has a light meter for measuring IR light and we have all of our top competitors lights so we test them all side by side with the light meter in controlled conditions because the light meter does not lie. Sure we also take them out in real hunting conditions side by side and our IR lights do much better but those kind of tests subject interpretation of person doing the test so they are unreliable at best.  Another thing that sets our lights apart from our competitors is when you flood the beam out a little to fill up your scope view, our IR lights are a lot brighter so you can see a lot further and get a much clearer image in your scope. If you want to see a chart of all the distances you can expect to see with our lights with Gen 3 and Digital night vision, Please click here. Please note that distances will vary depending on the conditions your hunting in and type of night vision your using.  We have tested our lights with many different night vision scopes and our numbers are based off our testing in average conditions.  

We have a lot of people ask why would they choose the 940nm over 850nm because the 850nm shines further. The reason some choose the 940nm over the 850nm is because they believe some animals will spook from the brighter red glow of the 850nm LED. While we believe this to be true, we have found it to be rare as we have been hunting with 850nm IR lights for years and have only had two animals spook at the 850nm IR and we have lit up 1000's of animals over the years with the 850nm. If your not sure what one to choose, we always recommend going with the 850nm first and then if your having any problems with animals spooking, you can order the 940nm LED module for your light for $29.99 or $39.99 depending on the model of light or you can buy both 940nm and 850nm when you order the light. We sell about 20 850nm IR to every 1 940nm IR. All our lights have interchange LED modules so you can change the color your lights shines. This means if you don't buy a certain color LED module when you bought the light, you can always buy it later on. 

All our lights can be mounted to a scope or Rail with our Predator Pro mount. The predator pro mount is height, windage and elevation adjustable.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at or 916-276-1385 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm CST.