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Weapon Mounts

We have a full line of mounts for mounting lights with a 30mm or 1" tube to your gun. We have mounts for mounting a light to your scope, rail or barrel. Our favorite mount is our Predator Pro mount as it will allow you to mount 30mm or 1 inch light tubes to scopes or rails and has Height, windage and elevation adjustments.

  • TSO mount

    TSO Scope Mount

    TSO Scope Mounts are a return to zero mount that fit ATN 4K, Pulsar Digex, and Accufire Noctis TR1 digital scopes. As well as any 30mm Day optic. Looking for a return to zero mount this is a great addition to your setup. If you don't already have a...

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  • Predator Pro Mount

    Predator Pro Mount

    Predator Pro MountThis is a two piece mount The Bottom pieceWill mount to a 35mm, 30mm or 1 inch scope tube and has Weaver/Picatinny rail on it for mounting the top piece to it.The Top PieceWill mount to virtually any weaver/picatinny rail Will fit most...

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  • Light Handle/Grip

    Light Handle/Grip

    Light Handle/Grip This Handle/Grip will allow you to mount any light in it that has a 30mm or 1" tube.Perfect to use for a scanning light.Light mount hinges open so you can easily mount or dismount your light. Simplyloosen thumb screw to open mount and...

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  • Universal Scope Mount

    Universal Scope Mount

    Universal scope mountUse this mount to mount our Mini-Sniper, 30LR, 38LrX, 50LR, 50LRX or Destroyer lights to your scopeFits both 30mm and 1 inch scope tubes. Will fit virtually any light from a 22mm tube to 35mm tube. We don't recommend this mount for...

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  • Scope Mount with rail

    Scope Mount with rail

    Scope Mount with Rail Mount hinges open with 1 thumb screw for easy mounting to your scope. This mount fits 35mm, 30mm or 1 inch scope tubes. This mount is perfect when you have a rail mount and you want to be able to easily swap the mount and light...

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