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History of Sniper Hog Lights.


Our company got started back in 2007 when I couldn't find a decent light to put on my bow for hunting hogs at night. At this time I could only find one light on the market that mounted to a bow and it was terrible. It used a 9 volt battery and only lasted a few minutes on that battery and with the red lens you couldn't hardly see 20 yards. So I built the first true bow mounted high powered red LED light from the ground up and called it the Sniper.

The Sniper sold like hot cakes and I quickly realized that I couldn't keep up with the demand because the time it took to make the light was just too time consuming and I discontinued the Sniper and that is when the Mini-Sniper was born. We had two previous models of the Mini-Sniper before our current model and the pictures are below.

While our Mini-Sniper worked great for bows and guns, we quickly realized that there was no red or green lights on the market for gun hunters that could shine further then the Mini-Sniper and knew we could make one. When we introduced the Destroyer in 2009 it was the only self contained LED light out that could blow past that 100 yard distance in red and green all the way out to 300 yards with the right scope and conditions.

If you search around on the internet you will see that many companies have come out with similar to almost identical lights to the Destroyer and Mini-Sniper after we did but they didn't perform as well as our lights.

Now that we had the best bow light and rifle light on the market we decided that when your hunting over a baited area or feeder that it would be great to have a light that lit up the entire baited area all night every night so you didn't have to keep turning on a light to see if the hog you wanted to shoot was in the right position or not. With the Exterminator there is no more scanning to see if the pigs have come in because it lights up the entire area. The price may seem a little high at first but unlike some of the cheap feeder lights on the market, ours comes with a large battery, solar panel and solar charge controller. Most of the other ones on the market don't come with those and you will have to add them if you want it to run all night every night and then your cost will be higher than ours and you still wont have the light output that ours does. All the cheap ones we have seen are made out of plastic, do you really want a product out in the field that is made out of plastic that squirrels, coons and other rodents can chew up. Ours is all metal with no exposed wires. The other advantage is the Exterminator can be mounted up to 100 yards from your baited area and still light up your entire baited area. Most of the other feeder lights have to be mounted right under your feeder or within a few yards because they put out such a little amount of light they can't be put further away. You might ask why would you want your light further away from the baited area. The answer is the closer the light source is to the feeder the longer it will take animals to get used to it and very well may scare the more experienced hogs away altogether when you have it mounted right next to the baited area. This is why we recommend you set the Exterminator light at least 20 yards from the feeder. We have set up many of our feeder lights up on feeders that had hogs coming in every night and the hogs still came in the very first night we set the light up.

In early 2012 we decided it was time to blow away the competition and started designing all new bow and rifle lights. It took us 1.5 years to complete the new 30LR bow light, 50LR and 66LR rifle lights. The new 30LR replaces the Mini-Sniper and our new 50LR and 66LR replaces our Destroyer. These new lights have all kinds of improvements over our previous lights. They have a adjustable beam so you can go from spot beam to flood beam, interchangeable parts meaning you convert your light from a bow light to rifle light and vise versa. They have interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color. New redesigned tail cap with remote wired Eliminator switch that solves all the problems with remote wired switches.

We have been the leader in how far hunting lights can shine since the day we started and this continues with these new lights. In fact our Destroyer still has not been beaten and now these new lights shine about twice as far as the Destroyer leaving our competition in the dust. We know there are several other companies that sell hunting lights that claim their lights shine the furthest but it's just not true. If you think you have found a LED light designed for hunting that shines further than our 66LR light then please let us know by sending us a email at with a link to the light that you think is better. We will check it out for you and give you a honest answer on how it compares to our lights.


UPDATE on 2/8/2016
If you have done any searching on the internet for lights you have probably seen a few companies now selling lights very similar to our 66LR light. Once again all our competitors seams to do is wait for us to come out with a light and then try and copy it. While our competitors are busy trying to copy our current lights, we are busy designing new lights that will blow our competitors away. We currently have our New Exterminator II feeder light out that is simply the best feeder light on the market and we have some new lights that will be available soon.

Update on 7/6/2016
If you been looking on our website, you can see we now have our New 20LRX tactical light and bow light that is the most powerful and user friendly for it's price range and shines further then most of competitors lights that are bigger and a lot more expensive. We also have our new 38LRX, 50LRX and 66LRX lights that easily shine further then our competitors lights that are similar size. Our 66LRX light is simply the furthest shining hunting light on the market and our 50LRX in Red will shine further then our competitors lights that are the same size as our 66LRX light. That means you get a further shining light that is much smaller. We also just introduced our all new 40KAP headlamp that is by far the most versatile and furthest shining headlamp on the market. Shines over 600 yards in white and over 450 yards in green and Red. We also now have InfraRed available for all our lights so if you have a night vision device, you can greatly increase the range you can see using the IR in any of our lights.

Update on 3/2/2018
All New 66LRX, 50LRX and 38LRX bloodline lights. While these are the same lights as our 66LRX, 50LRX and 38LRX all black lights, we improved the machining and added color anodizing with our color logo. The all black lights are no longer available.

Update on 8-1-2019
Once again we blow the doors off our competition with the all New Coyote Cannon light. Shines over 1770 yards in green, 1650 yards in white, 1050 yard in red and over 1000 yard in IR with digital night vision and 2500 yards with Gen3 Night vision. There is not another light on the market that can even come close to these distances.

Below is a size comparison chart of our lights. The 38LRX, 50LRX and 66LRX have a 1 inch tube, the Coyote Cannon and Slocker have a 30mm tube. Please note that picture quality isn't the best.

What most people don't realize about our lights.

While most people know we make the furthest shining Red, Green and IR lights. They don't know that our white lights also shine incredible distances and make for some of the best flashlights on the market. Take for example our 66LRX light in white, it will shine over 1000 yards or our 40KAP headlamp that will shine over 600 yards and our Coyote Cannon over 1650 yards. I doubt many have ever seen a headlamp or flashlight that will shine that far. Need a great tracking light, our 40KAP headlamp or 38LRX in white are the best I've seen for the size.

Whats next for Sniper Hog Lights updated on 3-2-2020
We never stop when it comes to making better or useful lights and products for the night hunter/outdoorsman. We have some new products coming out this year. One of those products will not be a light, it will be for people that run a 12V feeder to stop all Raccoons, Squirrels and other critters from getting to the spinner without using a cage. We also will be working on new lights but that shouldn't stop you from buying any of our current lights because it will be several months to a year before we have them done. Please don't ask us for info on any lights we plan on coming out with in the future as our competition is always trying to copy us so we don't give out any info on new products until we are ready to release them.


About us

We are dedicated night time hunters and we will guarantee that no other company hunts at night as much as we do. All our products are built for us and used by us first before we will sell it. We will never sell a product that we don't think is the best. What this means is you know your getting a product that works great for it's intended purpose and is fully tested. We stand behind all our products and we guarantee you will not get better customer support or service then what we offer here at Sniper Hog Lights. We have been the leaders in night hunting lights since we began and we keep up with the newest LED's and components so when you buy a light from us you know your getting the best and brightest night hunting light and this is why we have had several different models of our bow light and Rifle light because when we find something better we can build, we build it. We don't make outlandish lumen claims or unrealistic distances you can see with our lights like most other companies. In fact in the 10's of thousands of lights we have sold, we have never heard of someone say they can't see the distances we claim and most say they can see a lot further. We measure all our lights with a light meter so there is no guess work involved on how far our lights shine. We list the Candela of all our lights because knowing the Candela is the only way to measure how far a light can shine and is the only real way you can compare two different lights to find out what one shines further. For example, if one light puts out 20,000 Candela and the other light puts out 30,000 Candela, the 30,000 Candela light will shine further and that's a fact. We fully believe that most of our competitors wont list the Candela of their lights because they don't want you to be able to compare their lights with ours because they know their lights will not shine as far. Typically what you will see them list is "Furthest shining light on the market" or "Brightest Light on the market" or they will just throw some yardages at you that are well beyond what the light is capable of.

Our shop is located just outside of Victoria, Texas. I'm sorry but we don't have a store front so no drop ins please.