Sniper Hog Lights Difference

Posted by Robert Pecht / President of Sniper Hog Lights on 1st Sep 2020

Why our Lights are different then all our competitors.

We are dedicated night time hunters and we design all our lights.

All our lights are measured for output with a light meter to guarantee it meets or exceeds the distances we list.

We are the only company that sells mainly hunting lights that lists the candela of each light. Once you know the candela of a light, there is a mathematical equation that will tell you exactly how far the light will shine and it's a fact. This is why we believe our competitors wont list the candela because they don't want potential customers to be able to see our lights shine further.  They would much rather just throw out some random number on how far you can identify or say brightest light or something similar. Any company that list how far you can identify as a fact is obviously lying. There are too many factors that determine how far you can identify with a light. Here are some of the factors, type of scope, your own eyesight, humidity in the air, type of ground cover, is there a back drop for the light to reflect off of and more. 

We go through every light right before it ships to make sure everything works perfect. Most other companies just ship their lights out without checking them and this means you could receive a light that doesn't work the way it is supposed to and may not reach the distances they list.

We don't sell gimmicky products just to make a buck, we only sell items we use. Yes we are in business to make money but that doesn't mean we have to sell items that we don't believe in. This is one of the reasons we have so many options with our lights, it lets the consumer choose only the items they want. It's also the reason we only have a expensive feeder light, we wont sell those cheap feeder lights that mount directly to a feeder or have to be mounted real close to the feeder. Many animals will avoid getting real close to the source of the light and it doesn't matter if the light starts out dim and slowly brightens, they also don't like a light suddenly coming on really close so you wont see any of our feeder lights that work off a motion sensor. Our Exterminator II feeder light is the only feeder light on the market that was designed to be mounted a long way(200 yards) from the feeder and will run all night every night even if you have several cloudy days in a row.

We fully stand behind all our products and if anyone ever has a issue, they can call us, email us or send a message to one of our social media pages and we will quickly solve the issue. Even the people who answer our phone calls hunt with our lights so they are knowledgeable about our products.

Our lights out shine the competition. Our Coyote Cannon light shines over 1770 yards in Green, that is about 1000 yards further the closest competitors lights in Green.

We have the longest warranties in the business and if by chance you need to use the warranty, we don't make you jump through hoops just to get the repair covered by the warranty.